What is HEALTH 360 ?


Health is Wealth - is not just an adage or a cliche. Many of us learn as we age that we are aging faster than our parents and grandparents, despite doing everything to stay fit. But, are we really FIT ? Health is not one-dimensional, how can it be - when we have the "Mind" and also our "Spirit/Soul" that make up our person in addition to our physical "Body"?

This year, once again Media Mahima brings together Physicians/ Doctors/ Nutritionists/ Spiritual Leaders/ Mental Health experts on one platform - "HEALTH 360" to educate and empower us into achieving Optimal Health - a complete and total sense of Well-being. For the first time ever, hear from doctors who specialize in Integrative Medicine, celebrated doctors who incorporate the Health 360 approach in their practice to achieving optimal health for the whole family (what to eat, how to reverse chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc. practice mindfulness, reduce Heart Disease risk) like Dr. Ronesh Sinha (Author, South Asian Health Solution), and from Dr, Shally Sinha, who will talk about how we are over looking the health and wellbeing of our children by pushing them like a "Start Up". We will also cover the Mental health with experts like Dr. Shani Robbins (Psychologist) who will talk regarding Stress, Anxiety, Depression, who will speak about the oft-ignored part of our being - the soul/ spirit and how important it is to integrate spirituality into our daily life and how to stay centered, from leading nutritionist, Prerna Uppal who will provide quick, easy and healthy recipes to follow to address, reverse and even prevent chronic disease symptoms (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Acid Reflux, Gut health, PCOS etc. ) . Also get an opportunity to learn Surya Namaskaar through the workshops, Bollywood music based exercise routines through the breakout workshops.


MOST importantly, get advice from these experts,... no copays, no insurance, no catch !!!

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