What is HEALTH 360 ?

Health is Wealth - is not just an adage or a cliche. Many of us learn as we age that we are aging faster than our parents and grandparents, despite doing everything to stay fit. But, are we really FIT ? Health is not one-dimensional, how can it be - when we have the "Mind" and also our "Spirit/Soul" that make up our person in addition to our physical "Body"?

Every year, Media Mahima in association with Radio Dehotties put together an event where we invite renowned speakers from the health care realm to talk about what we as individuals sometimes ignore when it comes to our health. 

What is this year's theme at HEALTH 360 ?

This year our esteemed speakers will focus on family health. Going by the culture and lifestyle of our generation, namely packed schedules with life constantly in the RUSH HOUR mode, the "high achiever mindset guiding our every decision - we seldom find space for  the "ME TIME" the most essential "self care". This is true not only with those of us in the workforce, or running households, businesses etc., even our children experience similar "stressors" on a day-to-day basis. 

Hence, this time, at the Health360 event, we will focus on empowering you with some simple #healthhacks - tips, tools, techniques and more to help in achieving that state of balance in health and wellbeing for a Happy Healthy Family. 



"High Tech Tools to help Families Live Healthier"

Dr. Ronesh Sinha is an internal medicine physician for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation who created the South Asian medical consult service for his medical group in Silicon Valley, he is author of The South Asian Health Solution, he runs corporate health & wellness programs for major companies in Silicon Valley, & he co-hosts a weekly radio program on health.  He is a highly sought after 2-time TEDx speaker who has had tremendous success in the clinic and during corporate wellness programs in reversing chronic health conditions like diabetes and cholesterol disorders through targeted lifestyle changes. 


11:00 AM

Dr. Ronesh Sinha, MD. - KEYNOTE

Topic : Heath Hacks including High Tech Tools to help Families Live Healthier

11:30 AM

Dr. Shani Robbins

Topic : Empirical Based approach to well being (Wisdom Skills, Mindfulness & Emotional intelligence)

12:30 PM

Dr. Shally Sinha & Dr. Ronesh Sinha

Topic : Optimizing Health for Today's Over-scheduled, Undernourished Children

1:30 PM

Prerna Uppal, Nutritionist PAMF.

Topic : The Whole Lifestyle Plan for Health and Wellness

2:15 PM

Subhasree Ganapathy Mohan

Topic : Social Behavior and Self- Esteem 

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NOTE: The Above mentioned schedule is tentative and is subject to change based on the available time. In the event the topic of the talk session changes, the organizers may chose to inform the registered attendees via email or through social media. 

Every talk session is allocated a 5-10 minute Q&A session, and in the event rare event the talk sessions go over the said time limit, the event coordinators reserve the right to cut short the duration of this Q&A session based on the time constraint for the next speaking session. 

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